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Introducing Dear Dear, the newest musical project from songbird Chase Cohl. 


Co-Written with the legendary piano player Barry Goldberg (Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Ray Charles, Lou Reed, etc) & produced by Cohl’s longtime collaborator, drummer Loren Humphrey (Florence & The Machine, The Last Shadow Puppets, Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala), & featuring performances by some of our generations top indie musicians, this EP embarks on a new sound for Cohl. 


The concept behind Dear Dear is to experiment in a bygone nostalgia not often explored in music today. It plays with a neo-soul//motown sound, heavily influenced by the girl groups of the 1960s, yet is approached with a much more modern sensibility. The idea was to create an intentional opposition, by marrying the old and the new, which is carefully woven into each song in its own way. It’s modern music, but it feels retro and wistful, weaving around notes of the past. These are happy songs, with happy sounds, but underneath it the lyrical content is anxious, romantic, pining. Still Crying felt like the perfect introductory release because it plainly begs the age old question, do we ever really, fully get over our first love? Does that flame ever entirely go out?


Most people, of any age, can relate to that concept. That duality breathes heavily in so many levels on this project. The sound feels longing for something of another time, whether that be the freedom we feel when we think of our first love, or when we hear a fantastic song of a bygone era. It’s transportational without being overly specific, which is what makes it so universal. It embodies a sort of timelessness, which really provides the backbone for Dear Dear, precisely what Goldberg and Cohl aimed to execute with it. This style of music spans through generations, even for those who weren’t raised in the time it originates, and thats what the narrative of this project does as well. The songstress states “I wanted it to feel like falling in love for the first time over & over”. 

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