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These poems were created for the ones who feel loneliest in a room of people, for the true artist within. These poems were created in a search for a safe heart space and healing to create community. These poems were created in a state of soulful rebellion against the confused, disconnected, and borderline nihilistic time that young people are pushed to embrace. This is the beginning of an endless, lifelong search for the authentic in a world full of lost souls. "Donation Plate" is an examination of the heart space's inconsistency through the relationship with oneself, romantic partners, and most especially, one's inner artist. These are the musings of a traveling musician as she comes into adulthood, while continually searching for the soulful beings in a confusing society of social media, online dating, and the internet. Her endless attempt to remain grounded is evident.

"Donation Plate"book of poems

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